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Ministry Coordinator

Hazel SwansonHazel Swanson has been selected as our Ministry Coordinator for Mountaintop Unity.

My introduction to Unity began with my Mother through reading the Daily Word, the Prayer of Faith, and The Prayer For Protection. I started taking Unity classes at the age of 19 while in University in Fresno, Calif. After 3 weeks in the class, I started teaching the YOU(teenagers). I also taught Sunday School and was Youth Education Director. When I moved to Canada 30 years ago I continued with the Youth Program. All together I worked with Unity Youth Programs for 48 years in Fresno and Canada. As an aside I also coached Youth Soccer.

I have facilitated adult classes such as Power of Positive Prayer, The Four Agreements, Your God Given Potential, Five Spiritual Principles, and others.

I love to share and teach through my many experiences, and the use of Truth principles on my own Spiritual Quest.

My Professional Career path as an Accountant, led me to Canada, where I have my own Business in Burnaby, BC.


Pastoral Services

Pastoral Visits and Prayer Sessions

Available for home and hospital visitations at your request, the Ministry Coordinator is also honoured to pray with you, and for you. Please contact the office to setup a visitation or prayer session at any time.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling is a process of seeking the Truth that we are each a whole and perfect child of God. It is remembering that all we need to be happy, healthy, fulfilled and prosperous is already within us. Spiritual Counseling facilitates turning our thoughts and focus away from the outer appearances of fear and lack. We lovingly turn inward to our place of higher consciousness - the Truth of who we are.

We know that God's love, strength and wisdom are everywhere present in our world and that the Christ Spirit resides within every being. We believe that Spirit provides us with all the guidance, understanding and clarity that we seek.

Counseling Confidentiality

Through the Association of Unity Churches, the Ministry Coordinator is bound by a Code of Ethics which requires absolute and complete confidentiality. Trust is an essential component in a healthy counseling relationship. Everything that is discussed in the sessions will be kept in strict confidence except where federal and provincial laws require reporting. These areas will be discussed with you if they arise.

Prayer and Counseling Referrals

Spiritual Counseling is a short-term process and is usually completed in one to three sessions. As needed, we will recommend or refer you to local professional therapists, classes and support groups that may help you explore your issues in other ways. At any time, you can contact us for prayer or help in remembering how to access God as your source of all good.

We are always available to pray with you and for you!



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