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Wedding and Ceremonies

Mountaintop Unity offers a relaxing atmosphere which allows the wedding party to fully experience the beauty and magic of the joining of lives and hearts. Weddings are officiated for any couple who wishes to unite in marriage.

If you would like a Spirit-based ceremony filled with grace, love, and joy, please contact the Ministry Co-ordinator to arrange an appointment.

Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is a special occasion in your lifetime. It is a time to celebrate and affirm your love and commitment to one another. Whatever your spiritual tradition and beliefs, Mountaintop Unity works closely with you to ensure that your wedding ceremony is a unique reflection of your love, commitment and union.

Our desire is to co-create a personal and customized wedding service that honours your individuality and love. Some couples like to create some of the content of the service, such as vows, readings, and rituals. Others ask for a Unity ceremony based on the Universal Truths.

Wedding Planning

In the planning meeting, you discuss your vision for your wedding ceremony. At this time, you review the ceremony elements including your vows, music selections and family involvement in the ceremony. Many couples choose to use the Unity candle-lighting ceremony which is a moving visual tribute to your love and its basis in Spirit.


Celebrations of Life

Memorials, Celebrations of Life, Funerals and Scattering of Ashes

Mountaintop Unity is honoured to support families as they celebrate the life of their loved one. We know that Love Never Dies. Their leadership ensures that you have the opportunity to participate in a meaningful ceremony when someone you love dies. Meaningful end-of-life ceremonies can be a vital element as we begin to heal from our loss.

Our role is to help your family plan for a personalized memorial, celebration of life and funeral services. We serve as loving spiritual presence, sensitive interviewer, and ceremonial leader in as the officiant of the service.

Friends and family often wish to participate in the planning and presentation of a personalized end-of-life ceremony. A funeral, memorial or celebration of life service can reflect an individual's lifestyle and personality, which often mirrors their spiritual nature.

Mountaintop Unity is an excellent choice for those who wish to honour the life of a loved one through participatory end-of-life ritual and ceremony.



Christenings, Baptisms and Naming Ceremonies

Mountaintop Unity christening ceremonies are filled with meaning, tenderness, creativity and spiritual love. Below are samples of beautiful messages that can be shared as your little one is named and blessed. When reading these, please alter accordingly for your child's gender.

Message to the Parents - You have brought this little beloved Child of Spirit remembering that, before she was yours she was an idea in Divine Mind, waiting to choose the form that she would manifest. Surround your child with loving thoughts and feelings for she will respond to your love.

Just as she comes to know you as her loving human mother and father so will she one day come to know her inner Spirit - the true Source of all life and Love. Dream beautiful dreams for your child, not specific dreams as to what she will be or do, rather, see this child's infinite potential. Love her for who she is, having value in her own right, and let her come forth in the way her soul chooses to express.

The Naming Ceremony - Today we speak the child's name and link it with the name of Spirit. In this name are all the spiritual gifts which you, as parents, attach to it. It is a name you will use countless times as your little one grows. Use it lovingly. It becomes an inseparable part of this child's life from this time onward.

The Christening/Baptism Ceremony - Today we christen him with holy water and rose petals. The rose petals that we use are a symbol of unfolding life, which flourishes from the earth, air, sun and water. And so will he flourish as he abides in a home that knows the power of Love.

As these roses unfold, they require proper care to sustain their evolving expression. He will also need guidance to sift out the undesirable and promote a greater degree of spiritual identity. As these roses stretch toward the sun, their soft blessings unfold and multiply as this child will unfold in his spiritual awareness and talents. This is such a beautiful blessing and, for this, we do give thanks.



Home Blessings, Car Blessings, Pet Blessings

Blessing Ceremonies are also available for your new home, your suite, your car, your office or any other important part of your life. Be creative and ask your heart what feels meaningful to you!



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