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At Mountaintop Unity, we live and move and have our being grounded in a field of Infinite Love, Divine Wisdom and Unlimited Possibilities and so do you. When Charles Fillmore (Unity co-founder) said "Going up into the mountain to pray means elevating our thoughts and our aspirations to the spiritual viewpoint", we said "Yes, let's live in a mountaintop prayer consciousness!" We know and pray that you are with us there.


Our Prayer For You

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we invite you to receive the gift of prayer. In this moment, we know that you are healthy, perfect, and whole in body, mind and spirit. We affirm that you are abundantly blessed, as infinite channels of God's good easily flow to you! Right now, we see you divinely guided to a serene place of peace within your heart! Please know that you are loved by a blossoming new spiritual community called Mountaintop Unity.

Are you overwhelmed with life's challenges? Do you need inspiration in your life?

Call Silent Unity's 24 hour Prayer Ministry at 800-669-7729.

Submit a Silent Unity prayer request online at Silent Unity.

Submit a Prayer below and you can receive an email reply.



Eric Butterworth says, "Prayer is simply turning the focus of your consciousness away from the problem to your center of being in God. This gives way to the creative flow which will stream forth from within your innermost self." Yes!

Affirmations are positive, declarative sentences, designed to refocus your thoughts about the way life is experienced. Affirmations are most powerful when they are spoken and written with strong feelings.

Click any topic below for an affirmation on issues and challenges that may be occurring in your life.

Divine Order Pet
Employment Physical Healing
Emotional Healing Prosperity
Forgiveness Relationship Harmony
Freedom Spiritual Understanding
Inner Peace Success
Grief World Peace


Prayer Request

Experience the power of prayer moving through your life by filling out this prayer request form. We have faith in Spirit working through us as we know the truth of who we are! We invite you to receive this gift of prayer.

With an open, loving heart, I ask for, accept and let go of the outcome for: (e.g., Health, Love, Abundance, Peace, Guidance, Divine Order)
Requested by (full name):
For myself or another (first name):
I would like an email response:
My e-mail address:


Our Prayer Ministry

The Mountaintop Unity Prayer Ministry prays with you in many ways. Please know that all prayers are held in sacred, confidence by your Unity family. We are praying for all names we receive each week for a month. Ways you can receive the gift of prayer from Mountaintop Unity for yourself or a loved one are to:

  • Place your prayer request in our Prayer Box during Sunday Celebration Services
  • Attend one of our regular Prayer Meetings - see the calendar for upcoming dates
  • Email your prayer to us and receive the gift of prayer today

Hazel Swanson is available for individual prayer sessions and counselling. She can be reached for appointments at 604-219-9759.

As a sacred service to our community, we are also sending out weekly Prayer Letters. Our confidential prayer team prays for people on our mailing list, for each designated week. The people who we pray for receive a letter the week before letting them know that during their special week Mountaintop Unity is holding them in the light of God's healing and prospering light.

We always welcome new members to the prayer team. Please contact Hazel Swanson if you are interested in being trained to participate in this sacred service to God.



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