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Volunteering - We do it for God!

Each Love in Action team is managed by a Ministry Team Leader whose role is to teach, love, support and answer questions. They are there to serve you as you serve. Here are brief descriptions of the service opportunities available for you. If you are interested in serving, please become a volunteer or contact the office at 604-787-1477.


Leadership Areas of Sacred Service

Steering Committee - Is the team who feel a calling to lead Mountaintop Unity in our startup phase of development. The members view service as sacred and therefore willingly tithe of their time, talent and treasure. The Steering Committee has a strong prayer consciousness, an openness to Spirit, a strong faith as well as dedication, enthusiasm and a very positive outlook. They also have fun and laugh a lot! Their mission is to guide our ministry by their knowledge of Unity as they actively practice universal principles of prosperity and healing.

Ministry Team Leaders - Are team builders who have the gift of encouragement and administration along with good people skills. They have a desire to serve God, to serve themselves and our community by leading a ministry of volunteers in a specific area. They participate in the ministry and are solution-oriented while they avoid blaming and guilt. They set a good example of loving, harmonious and effective service.

Ministry Coordinators - Are individuals who are gifted administrators, organizers, designers, "techies" or project coordinators. They focus on a specific project area through to completion therefore serving in a key area of the ministry. These multi-talented coordinators offer a variety of special spiritual gifts and passions which they use to bless our ministry and support us as we always move forward in our Mountaintop Vision.


Sacred Service on Sundays

Bookstore Ministry - Serves our community by providing valuable resources in the form of books, CDs and gifts. Staffing the bookstore is like running a small business, as you manage cash, provide sales assistance, set up and take down displays. You will have the opportunity to review new books and be knowledgeable about our many wonderful resources. It's a very interesting and fun way to serve!

Teachers - Are responsible to teach a small group of children in our Children's Church. They facilitate the student's discovery and expression of their indwelling Christ spirit. Parents, friends and members of Unity who are guided to provide a safe environment for our children are welcome to apply. We safeguard our children by requiring criminal records checks for all teachers.

Newcomer Ministry - Hosts provide a warm welcome, hug, handshake and smile to congregants and guests before and after the service. They develop the intentional spiritual practice of hospitality as they serve in this loving, caring way. If you like people, want to get to know more people, or want to step outside your comfort zone, then this is the ministry for you!

Setup Ministry - Ensures the orderly setup and take-down of our Sunday sanctuary. The Setup team is responsible for keeping our storage area orderly and moving items in and out of our basement storage each Sunday. The spiritual gift of organization, a strong back for lifting boxes and a sense of order are all beneficial talents in this ministry. Patience, flexibility and a positive outlook are great assets for everyone on the Setup team!

Ushers Ministry - Provides a warm welcome to all our congregants and guests each week. They participate in setup and take down and collect the offering. Ushers greet congregants on Sundays and for special services, give each person a program and assist them in their seating. If you want to get to know more people, or want to step outside your comfort zone, then this is the ministry for you.

YOU Sponsors - Provide leadership to our enthusiastic young minds in the Youth of Unity program for teenagers. Caring, fun-loving, energetic adults are welcome to share their talents by assisting with outings, spiritual guidance and group discussions. As a YOU sponsor you will experience accelerated spiritual growth and unfoldment! We safeguard our youth by requiring criminal records checks for all YOU sponsors.


Community Sacred Service

Prayer Ministry - Provides prayer support by praying for others during the week, for special prayer vigils and other prayer activities. People with an established prayer consciousness, good listening skills and an ability to be confidential are welcome to serve on the Prayer team. In this ministry, you will develop a more expanded prayer life and have a positive impact on the personal lives of others. Pre-training in affirmative prayer is needed for participation.

Office Ministry - Supports our office with newsletter mailings, copying, answering phones, organizing things and other office duties. This is a very important role in the ministry that ensures we are communicating well to everyone who wants to know about our ministry. You will experience the joy of serving and have fun socializing as well.

Special Events - Co-ordinates and oversees the smooth running of events such as special services, concerts, dinners, congregational meetings and celebrations. Members will organize, promote and communicate what is needed for planning and implementation. Great interpersonal skills and attention to detail are important gifts to share.

Spirit in Action Outreach Ministry - Exists to motivate, empower, and affect individuals towards freedom and excellence through our compassionate service to special charities. You are warmly invited to be a part of this heart-focused ministry. You can inspire us with your passion to make our community a better place for all of us to live. Together at Mountaintop Unity we can make a real difference in the world as we give of our time and talents to local charities.

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